Event News

Sunday Morning Launch Canceled

October 16, 2016

We'd like to thank all of you who turned out in the early hours of the morning for our last launch of the weekend.  Unfortunately, there were strong, high winds in the upper elevations and we had to cancel the launch.  Conditions like that can be very dangerous for balloons and it isn't worth the risk.  However we're thrilled with the outcome of the weekend and we got three beautiful launches!  We hope you all enjoyed seeing balloons over Morgantown again.  We loved seeing all of your pictures and it looks like lots of you were able to get close and personal with the balloons.  We wish all of you and our pilots a safe journey home and we look forward to seeing all of you next year!

Saturday Launches a Success
October 15, 2016

We'd like to thank everyone for coming to our Saturday launches!  Today was a perfect flying day and both launches were a great success!  Our morning launch heading out towards Point Marion and our afternoon launch went out over Canyon Road and Cheat Lake.  We hope you all enjoyed seeing the balloons in the air and we loved seeing the pictures you shared with us on Facebook!  Our last launch for the weekend will be Sunday morning at 8am from the Morgantown Readiness Center.

Balloons Back Over Morgantown

October 14, 2016

Although the fog didn't cooperate, Friday evening turned out to be a beautiful night for flying!  All of our balloons launches and we had Balloons Over Morgantown again!  The balloons traveled in the direction of Sabraton, Greenbag Road and the Kingwood Pike.  Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures of the flight!  We hope you all had a great time seeing the balloons in town!  Our next launch will be Saturday at 8am from the Morgantown Readiness Center.

Morning Launch Canceled
October 14, 2016

We arrive this morning to find the airport covered in fog.  We really hoped that it was going to burn off in time for our flight but no such luck.  The airport itself cleared but the estimated landing area was still covered in fog, which means our pilots would have had to land blind.  Our intrepid weatherman, Todd Fisher, even took his little fixed wing plane out and confirmed that the landing area was a no go.  Luckily he was able to depart and return from the already clear airport.  Rather than risk a blind and potentially dangerous landing we decided to go ahead and cancel this morning's launch.  The weather for the afternoon looks beautiful, though, and we hope the 4pm launch will go off without a hitch!  We hope to see you there!  Remember launches are from the back of the airport near the Morgantown Readiness Center.  See you soon!

NightGlow Wrap-Up
October 13, 2016

Last night we were thrilled to open our ballooning weekend with NightGlow!  We'd like to thank all of you who joined us last night and we hope you had a wonderful time!  Unfortunately, the wind picked up a little in the valley and our balloons were getting tossed around which led to an early end to our evening.  It was disappointing to cut it short but the safety of our spectators and our pilots is our top priority!  We were very sorry to hear that some of you were unable to make it in time.  We hope that you'll be able to join us for one of the launches this weekend!  Remember all launches will be from the Morgantown Readiness Center located on Army Band Way.  We'd also like to once again thank WVAQ for providing music for the NightGlow, Hagedorn's for providing propane and Mylan Park for hosting us there.